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Bufo alvarius (Colorado River Toad, Sonoran Desert Toad)

This is the legendary, rare and powerfully mysterious Sonoran Desert Toad. The venomous Bufo alvarius toad finds its home in the Sonoran desert of the Southwestern United States and Northern Mexico. Unlike most toads, the Colorado River Toad is semi-aquatic and must remain in the vicinity of dependable water in order to survive. Bufo alvariusis nocturnal and escapes the tremendous desert heat by remaining underground, emerging at night to congregate in wet areas near streams and lakes and fields irrigated for agriculture. The Sonoran Desert Toad is the largest North American toad, attaining a body length of up to 7 inches. They are smooth and leathery in appearance. Brown to olive green in color with a white underside.


Living Bufo alvarius Toads
Toads will be shipped overnight:

* Ship to U.S. ONLY *

Living Bufo Alvarius Toads

$174.99 * Ship to United States * ONLY *

One Adult Pair of Toads (Male and Female):

Bufo Alvarius Toads

One Adult Pair of Toads (Male and Female)   $299.99 * Ship to United States * ONLY *

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