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San Pedro Cactus (Trichocereus Pachanoi) is native to the high Andes. The San Pedro Cactus is a very hardy and easy to grow columnar cactus, often growing a foot per year and reaching heights of over 15 feet (40 feet has been recorded). San Pedro Cactus is ribbed, with usually 6 to 8 ribs. San Pedro Cactus is a branching cactus and often has many side arms.

San Pedro Cactus (Trichocereus Pachanoi) the most common and well known of the Trichocereus. It was named after Saint Peter supposedly because it was, like Peter, thought to hold the keys to heaven. Trichocereus Pachanoi has been known and used ceremonialy for over 3000 years and there is evidence to suggest cultivation of Trichocerus Pachanoi in Peru from 2200 B.C.

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